This Saturday’s ride will start at Hardie Park in Cayucos and goes North on Hwy 1 to Shamel Park in Cambria then back to Hwy 46 and up to Old Creek Road where we will descend back to Cayucos.


HEADBANGER OPTION: Climb Santa Rosa Creek Rd from Cambia to top of Old Creek Rd.

Ride Leaders: Ron Starkey
Total Miles: 44
Total Vertical: Approx. 5000’

Start Location: Hardie Park in Cayucos at the corner of Birch and B St.
Depart Time: 9:00 Sharp

The A group averages 17+ mph over a 50 mile route with 2000 feet of
total vertical.
The B group averages 14+ mph over a 50 mile route with 2000 feet of total

Faster riders are welcome and invited to go off the front and meet up with
the rest of the riders at the rest stops.
Regroups and Restrooms every 15+ miles or so….

we won’t be breaking for Lunch or Coffee Shop stops until the end.

Got questions contact Ron or Kathy at 805.788.0188

To look at the route in more detail go to: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/3604813
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