1. You are accountable for yourself and your decisions.

 2. Compliance with traffic laws is your responsibility. It’s your responsibility to ride safely and obey the law regardless of what other people do.  This includes blindly following someone through stop lights and stop signs. 

3. You are responsible for your front wheel and where it goes. Don’t overlap wheels with the rider in front of you. Leave adequate room between yourself and the rider in front to avoid hitting them if they stop suddenly.

4. You are responsible for the rider behind you.  Be predictable, hold a straight line (don’t weave around), don’t slow down and speed up.  Let the rider behind you know if you’re are pulling over to stop, pulling out of the group, or slowing down.

5. Don’t feel comfortable riding close to someone for whatever reason?  Pull out of the group and talk to the ride leader.

6. Call out hazards and point to them!

7. Never assume that when someone calls out clear that you can act safely.  Always look and verify that the road is clear.

8. Ride single file and don’t pace-line if you’ve never done it before.

9. Ride defensively: Be Visible, Alert, Assertive and Predictable

10. Respect motorist………….they are bigger, heavier and more deadly than you……..duh!

11. No passing on the right, call out passing on left.

12. Don’t even think about talking on your cell phone while riding a bike!  If you have to take a call pull off to the right of the road to do it.  If not, you may find your phone stuffed in your water bottle!

13. Headphones. If you’re wearing headphones for anything other than a hearing aid you pose a risk to everyone around you….did you hear that?

14. Bring a spare tube, pump, water and food

15. Inspect your bike and ensure that your tires are safe, the wheels secured properly and your brakes are operational.

16. WHY you should Wear a helmet

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